Clear Lazy Susan

Save 55%
  • Stay Organized & Keep Items From Falling Off The Shelves

    Enjoy the ultra smooth spin while easily finding the items you need.

    Our lazy susan is sturdy, quiet and anti-topple so you can be sure that your items stays safe and well organized.

    Use it in your upper cabinet for organizing spice and supplement bottles, or under the kitchen sink to store cleaning supplies, spray bottles and in the fridge for condiments and small food items.


Product Highlights:

  • Easy Reach - Clear and unobtrusive design means you can spin, see everything on the lazy susan and grab what you need easily.
  • Smooth Quiet Rotation - Stainless steel ball bearings with the lightweight acrylic helps gives the turntable a smooth spin experience.
  • Food Safe - Made of 100% BPA, Chlorine and PVC free material, you can store food items with no worries.